– Frequent Shipping Questions

Q: Do you provide free shipping?

A: Unfortunately, being a new and upcoming company which was started this last November, I'm unable to provide free shipping

Q: Can you return the product?

A: For safety reasons, I cannot accept returns– especially if the safety seal has been removed.

Q: Will you ever provide free shipping?

A: Yes! In the future, I'll hopefully be able to afford free shipping.


– Product Questions

Q: How many servings are in a tub?

A: 30 single servings, 15 full power servings. You do not need to double scoop to receive full benefits.

Q: How much water should I drink with my pre workout?

A: Please drink between 6-10fl oz of water with your pre workout.

Q: When should I drink pre workout?

A: Please drink with water 30-40 minutes before strenuous physical activity.